BBC iPlayer Charlie and Lola Series 2 Yes I Am, No You re Not10:51

BBC iPlayer Charlie and Lola Series 2 Yes I Am, No You re Not


A picture of Charile and lola on the simmer down chairs

Yes I Am, No You're Not is the 13th episode of Charlie and Lola from Season 2.


Today, Charlie and Lola must not squabble to go to the Chinese puppet show.


Lola says that her brain is bigger than her head, causing herself and Charlie to squabble. An flashback shows at breakfast that Charlie and Lola are having a crunching contest, which causes them to squabble.

They even squabble about sharing, what they want, and if Mum hears them, Charlie and Lola will be sent to the Simmer Down Chairs.

One day, Charlie and Lola are playing with toys on the table, Lola is playing with a toy pig. She bangs it on the table, causing a racket. As Lola does it again using a toy chicken, Charlie and Lola squabble. Charlie warns Lola that Mum could of heard them, and if she does, then it's the simmer down chairs for Charlie and Lola.

Charlie and Lola are then drawing. Charlie is drawing Bat Cat, Lola is drawing a dog. She asks for the red pencil, but Charlie says he needs it for Bat Cat's collar. Lola is angry and paints black on Charlie's drawing. Charlie breaks the red pencil in half, making Lola crying, and they scrunch up their drawings, then they squabble. They get sent to the Simmer Down Chairs instantly.

Lola says that they won't be going to the Chinese puppet show. Then Charlie had an soluction. He gets a sock from the hanger, pretending it's a puppet. Lola enjoys it, and then reprises the action.

The show then cuts to Bat Cat. The dog says he is all scruffy and left his brush in a building, and has no key. Bat Cat then goes to get it, succeeding the situation.

Mum says that Charlie and Lola have simmered down, and now they can go to the puppet show. The show has a Little Monkey trying to escape from two nasty dragons, who squabble. Charlie and Lola enjoy it, and say they never squabble again. Lola ends the episode with the line "Yes we Don't!"


Bat cat appears for second time. The first was Lucky, Lucky Me.

This is the 39th episode of the series. This is an episode from the second season.

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