Charlie wants to watch his favorite TV show "Space Family Hudson", a TV show similar to "The Jetsons". But first, he has to do some chores. One: he needs to sort out shoes. Two: he needs to help out with the dishes. The has to clean the bathroom. Three: he needs to hang up the laundry. Four: he needs to recollecting the apples in the backyard. The first chore is: Charlie and Lola have to sort out the shoes for thirty minutes. Lola starts sorting out the shoes. Charlie calls to her on how she's doing. Lola tells him she's doing okay. Then she recites the poem of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe to herself. But then Charlie snaps Lola out of her poetry drama. Charlie tells Lola that they're supposed to be doing their chores. Lola tells Charlie she is and sorts out shoes the wrong way. The second chore is: the first chore clock stops and Charlie and Lola move on to their other chore:doing the dishes. But Lola quickly squeezes in cleaning the bathroom. So while she's cleaning the sink, she pretends that the bar of soap is a sled and she's on it. Then she and Charlie have to continue to clean the dishes. While Charlie is cleaning the dishes, Lola plays with two plastic baby chicken cups. But Charlie quickly snaps her out of it and asks what she's doing. Lola then tells him the chick cups want to go to their mother, a picture of a hen. So Charlie places the cups by the picture. The third chore is:clock stops and Charlie and Lola move on to hanging up the laundry. But a sheet lands on Lola, so she pretends to be ghost, until she bumps into Charlie and he takes the sheet off of her. Now Charlie is quite annoyed and tells Lola to stop messing around and hurry so he won't miss "Space Family Hudson". Then they start recollecting apples. Charlie tells Lola to put her apples in the wheelbarrow. So Lola decides to throw apples into the wheelbarrow. Then Charlie sees and decides to join her. Then they both decide to play with the apples. Suddenly, the last chore clock stops, and "Space Family Hudson" is over. But Charlie doesn't care at all, and he continues to play games with Lola. After all, who wants to spoil all the fun when you're about to miss a favorite TV series?