Lola is jealous that Charlie and Marv are taking Spanish lessons. Charlie tells Lola that every country of the world has its own language, like Spain has Spanish, Russia has Russian, and Japan has Japanese. So Lola decides to make up her own country: Lolaland! A country where you can bounce anywhere you want. It even has a made-up Lola Language!

Lolaland languageEdit

  • Nim pon spooter - This is my country
  • Bish yop Lolaland, Linga lala Lolaland - Welcome to Lolaland, This is the new Lolaland
  • Bling lack da da - It's private
  • Ping patty? - What's that?
  • Kiski (US) Biski (UK) - Cookie (US) Biscuit (UK)
  • Globo - Globe
  • Okla booboo - Thanks

Zump- Yummy

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