Song List Edit

  1. We Like to Say Hello
  2. Henry's Underwater Big Band
  3. Having Fun at the Beach
  4. Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song)
  5. Wake Up Lotta!
  6. Bucket Of Dew/Paddy Condon From Cobar
  7. Romp Bomp a Stomp
  8. A Frog Went A Walking
  9. Take A Trip Out On The Sea
  10. Dorothy (Would You Like to Dance?)
  11. We're Playing A Trick On The Captain
  12. Have A Happy Birthday Captain
  13. I Can Do So Many Things
  14. Guess What?
  15. Wave To Wags
  16. Havenu Shalom Alechem
  17. Walking on the Moon
  18. Pipers Waltz