Today is Charlie's birthday and Lola likes birthday parties. Lola is determined to make Charlie's birthday party the best party in the world. The problem is that Lola's idea of a good party is a ballet princess theme, complete with cupcakes, dancing, and pink things. And Charlie prefers a monster theme, complete with (monsters, green, and ooey, gooey, icky, and squishy things. So Lola decides to make a few minor changes to Charlie's party when he is away. First, she replaces the wall decorations from creepy stuff, to paper flowers, bright blue ribbons, star stickers, and streamers. Then she replaces Charlie's Monster Music tape to her Dancing for Girls tape. Then she makes cupcakes topped with pink icing and toy ballerinas. Finally, she replaces the goody bag stuff. She takes out all the gross toy monsters and replaces them with pretty pink ballerina princess things. After all that repreparing, Lola hopes to impress Charlie. Right before the birthday party starts, Charlie and Lola have costumes on. Charlie wears a brown fur-covered-monster costume and Lola's costume is complete with a tu-tu and fake bunny ears. Charlie doesn't even see all the minor changes Lola has made until the party starts. First, the guests appear. Their are some of Charlie's friends (including Lola's, because if you look closely, you'll see that two of the monster kids similar to Minnie Reeder and Lotta.), even Marv. Charlie invites them all in for monster punch. Marv demonstrates a vampire about to attack a victim to Charlie. Then Lola tries to open all of Charlie's gifts without Charlie's permission, but Lola tells Charlie she's only helping him open his gifts. Then is dancing time. Lola starts the music and demonstrates the art of princess ballet. But no one seems interested, not even Charlie, who isn't a big fan of ballet. Lola decides they would all play party games, such as musical statues, but no one seemes intrested in that either. Soon it's cake time. On the count of three, Charlie prepares to turn off the candles. But as the kids shout "THREE", Lola blow the candles before Charlie can. Charlie is angry and starts yelling at her. He takes Lola to her bedroom as lecturing the 5 steps about did that ruined his party and that the party is his, not Lola's. Lola is sad and says she still likes parties. Charlie seems to agree on her sadness and talks calmly to her that he knows that she likes parties, but this one was actually his. Lola apoligizes sadly, having the feeling she might cry. Charlie tells her the good thing is that she didn't give anyone pink cupcakes, which then Lola chuckles nervously. Then Charlie goes to the backyard to play Monster Tag with his friends. Lola watches sadly, wondering what she should do. But then she decides that if Charlie didn't like her ideas for his party, she would make up for it by putting things back together to make him cheer up Charlie. She starts by replacing Dancing for Girls tape back to Charlie's Monster Music tape. Then she takes off her flowers, ribbons, and streamers and return all the creepy stuff. Then she replaces her pretty pink ballerina princess goody bag stuff returns all toy monsters and put on the goody bags. Finally, for a finishing touch, she draws monsters on all the goody bags, just in time for the kids to come back in and the party to end. Before everyone leaves, Lola hands them her friends goody bags. Then the kids recognize Lola's cupcakes, and everyone wants one, when they each get one, they thank Lola for the delicious cupcakes and leave. Then Charlie realizes it wasn't such a harsh party after all.