|friends= Charlie, Marv

|bestfriends= Lola Lotta was born on July 6 1997. Lotta has curly black hair and she is funny. Custard creams are her favourite biscuit as revealed in the episode "But I Am An Alligator". Her favourite food is sausage rolls. She likes ponies and had a new coat in the episode 'I Will Especially Be Very Careful'.

Lotta and Lola love to play games and use their imagination.

Lotta, aged 4 (she is may be 18 now).

Trivia Edit

  1. She knows who Soren Lorenson is .
  2. Since she was born in 1997, as it is 2016, she may be 19 years old by now.
  3. She likes to sleep in The Wonder Wiggles.

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