Charlie and Lola are getting a new pet, and it's not a cat, or a bunny, or a horse, but they are getting a mouse. Later, Charlie brings home the mouse. Lola wonders if the mouse would be named Mouse, but Charlie sees the mouse nibbling on a seed, and names the mouse Nibbles. Nibbles is very extraordinary to Charlie and Lola. At night, instead of sleeping, Nibbles runs around in his wheel. Then he eats, runs, and takes a sip of water. Lola loves Nibbles very much. Charlie and Lola teach Nibbles a lot of tricks. They decide to bring Nibbles in for Pet Day at school. The next day at school, it's Pet Day, and all the kids bring their pets to share with the class. A boy brings in a stickbug. A girl brings in a cat. Marv brings in Sizzles. And Charlie and Lola bring in Nibbles. Marv has a tough time getting Sizzles to sit. Charlie and Lola show a trick Nibbles can do. After school, Lola imagines Nibbles becoming a tightrope walking sensation. And then, every day, Lola watches Nibbles and his clever tricks. Through, spring, summer, fall, and winter, she looks after Nibbles. But then, one spring day, Charlie is upset. Lola comes along, wondering where Nibbles is. Charlie tells Lola that Nibbles has died since mice only live for a short period of time. Charlie and Lola must learn to cope with the upsetness of losing a pet. First, they make a tomb for Nibbles. Charlie says that in Ancient Egypt, people buried mice in tombs like they were kings. So, Charlie and Lola get to work with Nibbles' box tomb. They decorate the top part of the box and put in things that Nibbles liked in the box and Charlie's red sock too, that Nibbles ate. Then they put Nibbles into his tomb, bury him in the backyard, and play a goodbye song on their recorders. Then Lola whispers to Nibbles' grave "I will never forget you, Nibbles". Lola is still upset when she and Charlie get back into the house. Not even pink strawberry milk would cheer her up. So Charlie tells Lola about all the fun times she had with Nibbles. Lola feels a little better. They both go to Marv's house to play with Marv's pet mouse, Squeak.  Lola asks Charlie is they'll get another mouse. Charlie says yes. And they get another mouse. The new mouse enjoys crawling all over Lola, so Lola decides to name it Tickles.


  • This episode was banned from TV because of Nibbles dying. However, it was shown on home media.


This is the first and only episode where a character dies.

This episode is a available video to watch on Daily Motion.

Nibbles might of lived for maybe 1 year.

Nibbles died in Spring.

This is the 49th episode of the series.

Charlie cries for only time.

Nibbles was also named after the Tom and Jerry character of the same name.

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