Gunblood first appeared in The New TV. Charlie looks at the TV Guide, and says that it starts at 12:00pm, the same time as The World of Hammers. When the TV arrives, Lola turns on Gunblood, and when the TV exploded, they go to buy a new TV, and the explode that again. After the third, Lola and HHD explode the laptop after they press the GB and TWOH buttons quickly.

The programme later appears in TV Revenge. In the said episode, Hammering Holly Dolly watches The World of Hammers and makes Lola miss Gunblood. So Lola now has a plan to get her back (see The World of Hammers page for what Lola does to HHD's TWOH episodes). When HHD watches The World of Hammers, the programme is interrupted and is replaced with Gunblood. When Gunblood is over, The World of Hammers is over too. The next day, Lola decides to watch Gunblood, but to Lola's suprise, the episodes are locked too. But HHD decides to watch TWOH anyway. But then it is interrupted again and Gunblood replaces it. After Gunblood ends, HHD learns why TWOH was cancelled and then wishes that Gunblood was cancelled. The next day, Lola decides to watch Gunblood but both GB and TWOH are locked. The episode closes with an announcer saying "Gunblood has been cancelled so we can bring you every boy and girl's favorite series, The World of Hammers!". And then Lola shouts "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!".

It also later appeared in Movie Night.

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