Behaviour cards and what they mean

Red: dead meat and expelled for twenty-one years

Blue: sent home early

Yellow: talk after school

Black: suspended for one week

White: nothing will happen

Green: week off

Rainbow: best student and will have a year off

Orange: 1 hour of detention

Purple: parents will dismiss you

Characters and cards they have

Red: Twilight spikle

Blue: Charlie

Yellow: Soren Lorenson

Black: Rainbow dash

White: Satan

Green: Princess Peach

Rainbow: Lola

Orange: Evil Larry

Purple: Buttercup


Mario: Young guy (scary voice 400% volume version when angry)

Twlight Spikle: Kalya

Princess Peach: Princess

Rainbow dash: Emma

Lola: Allison

Soren Lorenson: Allison

Evil Larry: Young guy

Buttercup: Shy Girl

Satan: Scary voice

Charlie: Young guy

Blossom: Ivy