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  1. All trailers seen in the opening of the DVD version
  2. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  3. Paramount Home Video
  4. Nick Jr. ID - Cats
  5. Face Asks "Are you Ready to Sing?"
  6. Batcat Music Video
  7. Face Sings his Waiting Song (Charlie and Lola version)
  8. How Many More Minutes?
  9. Face vs. The Colors of the Rainbow (Short version)
  10. Welcome to Lolaland
  11. Face has the Circle Round (Short version)
  12. I Wish I Could Draw Exactly More Like You
  13. Face Makes Different Kinds of Sounds (Charlie and Lola version)
  14. I'm Collecting A Collection
  15. Face has Tools (Short version)
  16. Never Ever Never Step on the Cracks
  17. Face Decides to Get a Pet (Short version)
  18. I Will Not Ever Never Forget You, Nibbles
  19. Face and the Flowers That Never Stop Growing
  20. Charlie and Lola credits
  21. Paramount Home Video