Contents Edit

  1. All trailers seen in the opening of the VHS version
  2. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  3. Paramount Home Video
  4. Nick Jr. ID - Spinning
  5. Face has Hiccups (Short version)
  6. I Can't Stop Hiccuping
  7. Face has Laughing Problems (Short version)
  8. I Am Completely Hearing and Also Listening
  9. Face blows Bubble Gum (Charlie and Lola version)
  10. Our Shop Sells Everything
  11. Face is a Fruit Face (Charlie and Lola version)
  12. I've Got Nobody to Play With
  13. Face loves the Rain (Charlie and Lola version)
  14. Thunder Completely Does Not Scare Me
  15. Face wears Sunglasses (Short version)
  16. I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses
  17. Face makes Funny Faces (Short version)
  18. It is Very Special and Extremely Ancient
  19. Face counts Potatoes (Charlie and Lola version)
  20. But Marv is Absolutely Charlie's Best Friend
  21. Face Talks about Flavors (Short version)
  22. I Am Inventing a Usefullish Invention
  23. Face Tells Fruit Jokes (Short version)
  24. Charlie and Lola Credits
  25. Paramount Home Video

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