Charlie: Eric (Connorback2004), Young Guy (ChipettesYes DoraNo and Goanimate forever), Lawrence (CalebComedian2000), Amy (The Charlie and Lola Show)

Lola: Kayla (Connorback2004's clips), Princess (Connorback2004's episodes), Allison (ChipettesYes DoraNo), Belle (CalebComedian2000), Emma (The Charlie and Lola Show)

Marv: Brian (clips), Young Guy (Connorback2004's episodes)

Lotta: Catherine (Goanimate Forever and ChipettesYes DoraNo), Amy (CalebComedian2000),

Soren Lorenson: Alison (Goanimate Forever and ChipettesYes Dora No) David/Evil Genius/Zack (Connorback2004)

Evie: Shy girl

Arnold: Kidaroo

Felicity: Amy

Minnie: Princess

Bernard: Dave

Sizzles: Kimberly

Caspar: Bridget

Mum: Kimberly

Dad: Diesel

Grandma: Kate

Grandpa: Eric

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