At Mrs. Bingles' School, Ms. Bingles says good morning to Charlie and Lola and tells them that it's Alyssa's birthday, and she is bringing Marv and Lotta with her. After one song, Lotta falls asleep, so Charlie, Lola, and Marv wake her up. Another song kept Lotta awake, but Alyssa gets tired and needs a break. As she leaves, she plans to eat super pretzels. Alyssa feels sad about her birthday. Meanwhile, Wally the great steals Charlie's magic wand and Alyssa chases after him. Charlie and Lola team up with Marv and Lotta to retrieve the magic wand and find Alyssa. While they left the school, Marv hopes the guests make fruit salad, hot potatoes, cold spaghetti, and mashed bananas to eat. Charlie and Lola planned the party to be at the circus tent tonight. Meanwhile, They saw a sign that says Brrrrrr street. The wind blows them out and they are frozen. They hurried back to their house. Marv eats an apple from the lunch room. Charlie and Lola remembered the time Alyssa was a little baby a long time ago. They all do the propeller. While Lotta is sleeping, she dreamt that she is singing I'm a cow. Lotta wakes up as Marv yells, "Wake up Lotta!" and pops her snot bubble. As Charlie and Lola came back with the wand and Alyssa, they sang the wiggly party song at the circus tent. Now they can celebrate Alyssa's birthday!