Charlie Sonner is the yellow Wonder Wiggle in the series. He likes playing football. He also drives the Big Red Flyboat. His voice actor is either Jethro Lundie-Brown, Daniel Meyers, or Oriel Agranoff.

Physical Appearance Edit

Charlie has black eyes, fair skin, and short blonde hair. He wears a yellow shirt, black pants, and black shoes. His casual outfits usually consist of a white sweatshirt with different colored sleeves (although usually seen as blue or green sleeves) and the word "Charlie", on the shirt in black or white writing in a rainbow format. (sometimes a different shirt with the middle part not being white, but the sleeves are always a different color and the name is always visible on the shirt he would be wearing), blackish-dark gray trousers with a white edge at the bottom, and no shoes (sometimes blue, green, or other colored shoes). His pajamas consist of a full-sleeved bluish-gray and white checkered button up shirt and pants.