Charlie's pajamas are a two-piece outfit that Charlie wears at nighttime.

Looks Edit

They consist a full-sleeved button-up shirt with a blue-gray and white button up shirt and pants that have the same design.

Appearances Edit

Season 1:

  • There is Only One Sun and That is Me!
  • I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won
  • I'm Really Ever So Not Well
  • BOO! Made You Jump!
  • I Do Not Ever, Never Want My Wobbly Tooth to Fall Out
  • Say "Cheese"
  • Snow is My Favorite and My Best
  • I Want to Be Much More Bigger Like You
  • But I Am an Alligator
  • Season 2:
  • I Am Collecting a Collection
  • My Best Best Bestest Friend
  • Lucky, Lucky Me
  • I Really Wonder What Plant I'm Growing
  • Charlie is Broken!
  • I Will Be Especially Very Careful
  • I Am Really, Really, Really, Concentrating
  • I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs
  • What if I Get Lost in the Middle of Nowhere?
  • Can You Maybe Turn the Light On?
  • I Will Not Ever Never Forget You, Nibbles
  • Never Ever Never Step on the Cracks
  • Too Many Big Words
  • Season 3:
  • I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses
  • I Slightly Want to Go Home
  • But I Don't Really Like This Present
  • I Would Like to Actually Keep It
  • I Am Goody the Good
  • What Can I Wear for Halloween?
  • I Am Making a Craze
  • I Wish I Could do that, and also that too
  • I Am Going to Save a Panda
  • How Many More Minutes Until Christmas?

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